Here are some resources I have created for the books. The questions relate closely with the books. If you have not read the books yet, be sure to buy a copy. You can click the titles for the links. 

Can You Hear Me, Daddy? (Picture Book)

Can You Hear Me? (Early Reader)

General Grief Resources

Use these prompts to start a grief journal. 

Use these prompts to write letters to your loved one. 

Grief Related Word Puzzles

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Recommended Programmes


Fun and Friends - Online Learning Programme
Theme-based units and activities
Interactive and multi-media resources including videos, books, songs and games
200+ ebook titles with questions and activities



K5 Learning - Online Reading and Math Programme

Free trial and assessments available.
Great for kids to practise at home on their own with minimal adult supervision.
K to Grade 5 worksheets, lessons and interactive games and exercises.


Other Recommended Resources


 The Alpha Program - Teaching Children To Succeed! - The Alpha Program is a one-of-a-kind platform that teaches children the value of entrepreneurship, and also helps them to foster ideas of their own and to see those ideas come to life.


Free Worksheets for Kids K5 Learning - Worksheets for reading comprehension, spelling, vocabulary, grammar

The Spelling Bee Toolbox™ - You'll find everything you need for a successful spelling bee on this site!

Worksheets for Preschool - Get the tools to help prepare your child for school and beyond.


Mastering Remote Learning - Discover How You Can Master Remote Learning Without Creating Overwhelm, Chaos And Disruption In Your Life


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