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My Books

Here are all the books I have published so far. Click to find out more about each book and where you can get a copy. You may also order directly from me in bulk from the Shop.


A children's picture book for ages 7-12 about a young girl who finds out her daddy has cancer. 


A children's chapter book for ages 10-15 about a young girl who finds out her daddy has cancer. She prays and wonders if God can hear her prayers to make her daddy better. (An extended version of the above picture book, with discussion questions.)

A+ MRJ 1_edited.jpg

The ultimate journal to help kids keep track of their reading. Filled with reading tips and strategies and a wide range of reading activities for both fiction and nonfiction books. 

Grandma, It's Me!
A Children's Book about Dementia

This heartwarming illustrated book for ages 7-12 helps readers better understand the process of aging, the symptoms of dementia, and how others can support and care for the elderly with love, patience and joy.

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Creative Ways to Grieve
A Guided Grief Journal

This guided grief journal can help you find outlets to release and express your feelings and emotions in creative ways. Through this process, you can explore your creativity and may also uncover hidden talents you never knew you had.

Adventures with Daddy:
At the Circus

This whimsical storybook for ages 5-8 encourages readers to step out of their comfort zones and take a leap of faith to overcome fear and anxiety when faced with challenges and uncertainties. 

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