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My Reading Journal

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My Reading Journal is the ultimate guided journal for kids aged 9+. This reading journal is packed with reading tips and strategies, together with a wide range of reflection tasks and questions to help kids dig deeper into what they are reading, and find meaning and relevance to their own lives. Activities include KWL charts, Venn diagrams, interview questions, diary entries, poster designs, as well as interactive activities with other readers and adults to foster a supportive, encouraging and engaging environment for reading and learning.

It includes a reading log to keep a record of what they are reading to track progress, as well as a section for book reviews with different questions and prompts.

This is perfect for home-schoolers who need help setting up a regular schedule and plan for improving reading skills at their own pace. It is also great for classroom use with students, encouraging them to set specific reading goals and targets. This journal encourages kids to be responsible for their own learning and progress and helps them to develop a regular habit of reading.

This will also make a great gift for book lovers and voracious readers, book club friends, librarians, English literature teachers, or aspiring writers.



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Hardcovers also available at these retailers

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You can also download a color PDF copy from the Books & Products page for $4.99 to print for your personal use. 

Click to download the color version of the Certificate of Achievement!

Certificate of Achievement
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