Grandma, It's Me!

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(January 2022)


Book Description:

Riley loves spending time with her grandparents, but after visiting them one day, she notices Grandma doesn't recognize her. Mommy explains that Grandma may have dementia, so her memory isn't as good as it used to be. Riley tries her best to help Grandma remember and writes about their time together in her diary. 

This heartwarming and beautifully illustrated book helps young readers better understand the process of aging, the symptoms of dementia, and how others can support and care for the elderly with love, patience and joy. Written as a series of diary entries, Grandma, It’s Me! also encourages journaling as a way to process and reflect on feelings and emotions through challenges in life.

Updates & Progress

27 November 2021

- Pre-order live! 

15 November 2021

- Notes for final round of illustrations sent

- Resources are currently in development

- Web page launched

- Gathering launch team (currently at 25 members) Will you be one of them? Sign up below!

6 November 2021

- First revision of illustrations received

25 October 2021

- First full preview of illustrations received

13 October 2021

- First sample of illustrations received

8 October 2021

- Manuscript sent to illustrator


Coming soon!