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Officially Published!

Updated: May 16, 2020

This post is a couple of days late. But yes, I'm officially published! (In case you missed the memo...) You can check out my book here: - it will take you to the Amazon marketplace of your country.

I want to thank everyone on my launch team for sticking it out with me these last few weeks and sending me such wonderful emails and messages of support and encouragement - I couldn't have made it this far without you! Reading all those wonderful messages brought tears to my eyes every time! I was so touched to see that people were able to connect and relate to the story and that it brought tears to their eyes, too! I really hope that the story could bring hope and joy to anyone suffering through grief and loss, and that parents are also able to use it as a conversation starter with kids about death and loss - which was the main goal of writing this story. It's been wonderful to see reviews coming in from different parts of the world! I'm so encouraged by it all, and I hope to keep writing more in the future! Thank you so much!

Here are a few reviews that have brought tears to my eyes - happy tears!

I haven't really had time to let everything sink in and actually celebrate this moment. I thought I'd have some kind of a celebration, but all I really wanted to do was sleep, wake up for meals, and sleep again! I'm been taking two-hour naps in the afternoon for three days straight, and going to bed before 10pm, and I still feel exhausted! I hope I can recover from this exhaustion soon! But I'm so glad that I can finally say that I'm Officially Published! This is the first of hopefully many more books to come! It's not easy to write, produce and publish a book, but it's so worth it! I can't wait to publish the next one!

The early reader will hopefully be ready to launch in June! I'm very excited about this one because it goes a lot deeper into Renee's own personal journey of growth through pain and suffering. She describes all her fears, thoughts, feelings and emotions in a lot more detail in each entry. You get to see more of her experiences in between those critical moments and events highlighted in the picture book and how she is able to learn and move on from each experience. I have included discussion questions at the end of it as well, which I hope can be used in small groups or even simply for self-reflection and journalling. It is still being formatted at the moment, but I can't wait for you to read it!

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