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We have removed the Book Recommendations from this page and all future recommendations will be in blog posts. Check out the Blog to view the latest Book Recommendations! ​You can still submit your recommendations on the form below and if your book is picked, you will be credited in the post! 

Download the free Book Reviews template to write your own reviews!



You can also find monthly Writing Prompts below! I will be adding some other fun stuff for kids here later!

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Writing Prompts


The theme for March writing prompts is 'Spring' and 'Women in History'. Download the templates below and get writing! If you would like to share your stories, feel free to email them to me and get featured on my blog. They can be as short or as long as you want. There is no limit to your creativity!

I have deleted the previous months' templates except for December 2020, but if you are interested in them, you may also email me to get them. Happy writing! 

Download the templates below:

Image by Ana Tavares