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Grandma, It's Me! Full Activity Pack + Answer Key

Grandma, It's Me! Full Activity Pack + Answer Key

This is the Full Activity Pack for my children's book Grandma, It's Me! A Children's Book about Dementia. To order a copy of the book, go to

This Activity Pack includes: 

Fill-in-the blanks exercise

Multiple choice and True or False Reading Comprehension Questions

Pre- and Post-Reading Comprehension and Reflection questions

Activities for ages 6-8

Research Project Ideas for ages 9-11

Spot the Difference x 4

Coloring Pages x 5

Complete with Answer Key and examples


* This pack does not contain Lesson Plans. If you would like to get the complete pack with Lesson Plans for $4.99, go to:


* Proceeds will be donated to various dementia and Alzheimer's related organizations each month. 

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