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Creative Ways to Grieve: A Guided Grief Journal

Creative Ways to Grieve: A Guided Grief Journal

Have you lost a loved one and find it challenging to cope and deal with the loss? Are you having difficulty expressing your emotions and feelings openly and honestly? Have you ever thought about embracing and using your emotions to create something meaningful while still honoring your loved one?

This guided grief journal can help you find outlets to release and express your feelings and emotions in creative ways. Through this process, you can explore your creativity and may also uncover hidden talents you never knew you had.

With the prompts provided in this journal, you can use your experience in the grief journey to create some beautiful and unique masterpieces. It can be in all forms, from letters, stories, paintings, movies, songs, poems, photography, etc. The possibilities are endless. Some of the world's most impactful stories, artworks, songs and movies have come from grief. Express your feelings and emotions in a healthy manner through the use of this guided journal and share your unique experience and perspective with the world. Connect and start conversations with others on the journey using what you have created and the stories you have written. Help and support each other through grief. Your grief can become a gift and your superpower.

This journal would make a thoughtful gift for friends or family who may be grieving or going through loss of loved ones. It will also be helpful and encouraging for those who may find it difficult to talk about and express their feelings and emotions.

What's in the journal?

  • Mood tracker and self-care tips.
  • Lined pages with prompts and questions for journaling, letter writing, reflection, notes, etc.
  • Lined pages for free journal writing.
  • Uplifting quotes and Bible Scriptures.
  • A wide range of creative activities to help you remember and honor your loved ones.
  • Coloring pages.


This is a paperback version. For the digital (PDF) version, please click here.

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