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Can You Hear Me?

Can You Hear Me?


Death, loss and grief are topics we often avoid discussing with our children. However, these events can occur at any time in our lives, without warning. Avoiding these topics will only make it more difficult to cope with the sorrow and grief when it does happen. This book aims to help families and communities start those difficult conversations and to approach the topic in a sensitive manner, focusing on hope, faith, love and compassion, and removing the fear associated with it. 


Can good things really come from bad things?
Why does God allow bad things to happen?
Will Daddy still be able to hear me from Heaven?


These are just some of the questions Renee starts thinking about after she finds out that her daddy has cancer. She feels very sad and struggles to understand why this is happening. He hasn't even been her daddy for that long – there’s still so much they haven’t done yet! All she can think to do is pray and ask God to make her daddy better. But when she realises he isn’t, she begins to wonder what God’s plan is, and whether God can hear her prayers at all. She documents all the things that are happening in her diary as she watches her daddy go through the stages of cancer. Through this painful experience, she learns about the meaning of faith and how she can stay connected to her beloved father after he is gone. 

There are also discussion questions at the end for readers to share in small groups or as a guide for self-reflection and journalling. It can be used for grief support groups for those who have lost someone to cancer or terminal illness.


A complete reflection guide is available for download here

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