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Exciting News and Updates!

Ok... It's been over a week since I last wrote a blogpost and I was hoping to continue my series about the 'Blank Page to Published' process, but I've been having difficulty concentrating and writing anything the past week. I've been formatting the picture book to upload onto KDP and IngramSpark. Everything was taking so long to load and preview, and each time, something didn't look quite right and I had to delete and start again! I must have tried over and over again a dozen times! Finally, I figured it out and the eBook is now live for pre-order on Amazon! I just set it up yesterday, and have 9 pre-orders now! My goal is to get 30 before I officially release it. I have set the release date in mid-June, so hopefully I can reach my goal before then and push up the date!

And guess what! It is now #1 for New Releases in Children's eBooks on Death, Grief & Bereavement!

It also made it to #1 in Nonfiction Social Issues New Releases, because, in my hurry to set this up, I clicked on the wrong category! I've fixed it now but I feel so embarrassed that I did that! I didn't mean to misrepresent the book and had no idea until it showed up on my book page. So I was excited to see #1 but also totally mad at myself that I could have made such a stupid mistake! I've been staying up super late the past week trying to get this up and running and didn't double check what I was doing before submitting it. Argh! Well, lesson learned! I promise I will be better next time! (Please forgive me!)

Anyway... Here are the links to the different Amazon marketplaces!

If you are not in these countries listed above, you can go to your own country's marketplace site and directly search the title 'Can You Hear Me, Daddy?' or add dp/B08797XDH6/ at the end of the marketplace link.

Thank you! Feel free to share this with your friends or family!

I hope to find some more time to do some writing (and reading) next week!

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