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Book Recommendations (November 2021)

Updated: Nov 9, 2021

It's only November (or should I say, 'It's already November?') but when I went to the mall yesterday, I could hear Christmas songs playing all around, even in the elevators! They are really getting everyone into the mood and reminding us to start Christmas shopping. Naturally, I had to add some Christmas books to this month's recommendations too, because it's always good to do your Christmas shopping early anyway and plan ahead with backup presents, just in case! There are three wonderful Christmas books in this list along with a book about Thanksgiving, and a couple of other wonderful books about unconditional love, acceptance and forgiveness. I think all of these books can be gifted as a Christmas present, regardless of the topic because they are all wonderful books and can be enjoyed any time of the year.

Scroll down to read more about each of the books, and why you should add them to your bookshelf. You can click on the titles or the book covers to find them on Amazon.



The Christmas Snow Angels by Marcela Brué-Lotz (Author, Illustrator)

Book Description:

It’s Christmas Eve and the magic has just begun!

Snow is gently falling and covering the ground with a blanket of white sparkles. David and Emily are very excited and can’t wait for all the fun to start. They soon discover that Christmas Eve is full of surprises.

Enjoy the excitement with David and Emily as they meet two very special angels in this beautiful story celebrating the true meaning of Christmas.

Why I like this book:

This is a lovely magical story, perfect for the snowy season. If you need a Christmas gift for a young book lover or reader, this is a great one to add to the list! It is a beautiful story that remind readers about the true meaning of Christmas – to celebrate the birth of Jesus. It also has a recipe to make snow angel sugar cookies at the end for a fun family baking session. I will definitely try it this Christmas!

The Christmas Crew by Francesca Watt (Author, Illustrator)

Book Description:

An unfortunate bout of reindeer flu means Christmas is in BIG trouble! Santa must call upon some unlikely heroes to help save the day!

Can the Christmas Crew work together to deliver the gifts in time? Or will it all end in disaster?

An inclusive, humorous, rhyming picture book, showing just what's possible with determination, resilience and the help of good friends!

Why I like this book:

I adored this sweet Christmas book! The illustrations are very cute and brightly coloured which is sure to capture the attention of young readers. I love the rhyming story as well and the way the text is laid out with some phrases in bold. The inclusion of some other famous characters, like the tooth fairy, Sandman and the Easter bunny etc. who all join together to save Christmas was a nice touch. The idea behind this story was very well-executed. There is a little snowman to spot on every page as well as fun activities at the end of the book. This would make a wonderful Christmas gift for kids. There is even an activity book that goes with it, so I'd definitely recommend getting them together!

Granny Got a Sprout Stuck Up Her Sneezer by Becci Murray (Author, Illustrator)

Book Description:

When Granny gets a sprout stuck up her sneezer, the whole family goes ABSOLUTELY CRAZY as they try to unwedge the veg from her nose. But the more they help, the more Granny yelps and the more festive foods disappear.

Will that pesky sprout ever leave Granny's snout?

Why I like this book:

This book is just hilarious! I laughed out loud from page 1 and it just gets more and crazy and bizarre! If you're looking for a fun and festive book for the holidays, this is just the perfect read for the whole family to get a good laugh. It's creative, hilarious, absolutely crazy, and you will probably want to wait until after you've finished eating to read this, as you don't want any unfortunate bits of food get stuck up anyone's snout!

I Am Thankful by Sheri Wall (Author); Holly Clifton-Brown (Illustrator)

Book Description:

I Am Thankful is an adorable, rhyming storybook that follows three different families as they celebrate the holiday with their own traditions, acts of kindness, and ways of giving back.

Kids will learn how to be thankful for the people and world around them as they delight in the sweet illustrations that show diverse families and exciting Thanksgiving adventures. This heartfelt, poetic story will show young ones the meaning of giving and sharing.

Why I like this book:

This book perfectly describes what Thanksgiving is all about and shares a beautiful message of being grateful and showing gratitude to the ones we love. The illustrations are very eye-catching and colourful. I love the representation of different ethnicities, all sharing about different Thanksgiving traditions and ends with them all gathered around the table together. The rhyming story is easy and fun to read with a refrain: "I am thankful. My heart grows. Love fills me from head to toes!" I also love the different activities included at the end of the book as well: ways to show you are thankful.

May I Please Have A Hug? by Denise Nicole (Author), Sidra Mehmood (Illustrator)

Book Description:

May I Please Have A Hug? is picture book about a lonely cat who goes looking for a hug. He encounters rejection from other animals along the way until he learns that love can come when you least expect it.

Why I like this book:

This story is so sweet and beautiful. Charlie the cat sees a girl hugging her papa and wanted a hug too so he starts looking around and asking different animals if he could have a hug. However, they all want something from him first, and when he couldn't do what they'd asked, they ran away... until the least likely animal approaches him. Charlie learns that love should not be earned. My heart broke a little every time he was rejected because he couldn't do what the animals asked. It is a feeling everyone can relate to, no matter how old we are. We are always trying to please others or get their approval in order to be loved but sometimes, love can come when you least expect it or the least likely person. It also teaches us not to judge others based on looks or stereotypes but to love others unconditionally, no matter who they are or how different they are. The illustrations are so bright and beautiful to look at as well. It's a wonderful book that I'm sure many kids will enjoy and be able to relate to.

Bently The Bully by Holly Mazzochi (Author)

Book Description:

The cool, crisp days of autumn are finally here! Kids around the neighborhood are excited to swing, slide, and climb at their favorite playground. That is, until Bently shows up. He is ready to pull some hair, blacken some eyes, and break some bones. The sound of his footsteps, thump, thump, thump, sends children scattering in all directions for a spot to hide. No one is safe. Until one day, a brave boy named Harvey finds the courage to stand up to Bently. Little Harvey wants to make a big change in how his friends are being treated. What will Bently do? Will Bently show an apologetic heart? Will Harvey and his friends be able to forgive?

Why I like this book:

This book has a wonderful message about forgiveness and acceptance. It can be challenging to deal with bullies at school and children often feel intimidated or scared to stand up to bullies but this book teaches courage, bravery and resilience and most importantly, forgiveness. It also shows a different perspective from the bully and his own struggles with acceptance and trying to fit in. Sometimes, even bullies need acceptance and understanding too.


Well, that wraps up this month's book recommendations! I hope you enjoyed reading about these awesome books and find something you like to check out. Are you excited for Thanksgiving and Christmas? Have you read any of these books? If not, which one would you like to check out? Do you have any good books to recommend? Leave a comment below!


* Disclaimer: This post contains Affiliate links.

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