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The Crafty Chameleon by Francesca Watt

Wow! I'm so excited for another book tour–this time for a picture book, written AND illustrated by Francesca Watt. She's crazy talented and this book is simply amazing and perfect, just the way it is!


Here's the official book description:

"The crafty chameleon sells all sorts of tat from the back of his van....squawks, stripes, even wings! He preys on the animals with low self-esteem and sells them junk they really don't need!

Will he ever get his comeuppance? And what will it take for these incredible animals to realise that being different can be rather wonderful?

An inclusive, funny, rhyming picture book about kindness, friendship and learning to love yourself just the way you are!"


Watch this trailer for a sneak peek!


My thoughts:

I absolutely love this book! I was one of the lucky ones who got to read this book before it published as a beta-reader. I thought it was so beautifully and cleverly written in rhyme, and has a wonderful message about loving yourself just the way you are. I adore every single animal character in this story and their little quirks and unique qualities, such as a lion who squeaks, a bear with no fur, a leopard with no spots, and so on... They all show us how special it is to be just the way we are, the way we have been created. It doesn't matter what anyone else says. Who cares if you don't fit the mould or how others think you should be? Just be yourself! Embrace your uniqueness and don't let yourself be fooled by anyone who tells you otherwise, especially a crafty chameleon who just wants your money!

As the lion squeaks:

"You're fine as you are! You're simply unique!"

I'm also in love with Francesca's illustrations which are also very unique and eye-catching. I love the little details as well. My favorite is the chameleon's van license plate "B4R G41N" and the slogan "Be the best version of you" on the side of the van, showing just how crafty he is! How brilliantly clever is that? I also love the way the text is laid out, using various fonts and sizes with some words bolded. It makes the book very engaging and fun to read.

There is even a secret code and find the difference activity linked to the book. I'm sure young readers will want to read this over and over again! It would also be a fun idea to ask kids to create their very own unique character and think of ways the crafty chameleon might try to trick them. It can inspire creativity and imagination.

It's simply a wonderful book that teaches kids of all ages about kindness and loving one another, including ourselves, just as we are. I highly recommended it for kids and adults of all ages!

Check out the slideshow! Click the arrows for more.

Don't forget to check out the interview with Francesca here:

Thank you, Francesca, for sending me a copy of your beautiful book. I will treasure it and read it often to remind myself to #embracemyuniqueness!

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6 comentarios

rup mis
rup mis
22 ago 2021

The snaps from the book really attracted me. The overall story of the book revolves around that ome character who is quite interesting. I loved your review and it made me want to read the book.

Me gusta

I really love the childish book you have reviewed till now. These are really so good and can recommanded to little fellows.Thanks fot the new one. I enjoyed it a lot.

Me gusta

Anasua Basu
Anasua Basu
21 ago 2021

This book is very much new to me. And also the author I think has written a masterpiece which I got to know from the details you provided. Book tour is always a delight...enjoying it to the fullest is only the key.

Me gusta

This cover is too cute to ignore. I would definitely keep this book in mind while selecting some for my nephews.

Me gusta

Children's books have always been an interesting read for me especially for the illustrations it contains. Thank you for sharing this ... It is a good gifting option for kids....

Me gusta
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