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Book Recommendations (January & February 2021)

Those who have been following me on Instagram and Facebook may know I do monthly book recommendations on my page: Kids' Corner. It's been quite troublesome and time-consuming editing and changing the page each month and I feel it's also not that easy to navigate. The previous months recommendations are also not stored or saved anywhere and all that time and effort spent setting it up would be wasted each month. So, I've decided to transport them to my blog instead! If you miss any of them, you can easily find them again by searching the tags on my blogs! But I will not be doing it for last year's recommendations. Instead, I'll just start from January this year and include my February recommendations together as well. I'll be transforming my Kids' Corner page to provide other resources instead. You can still submit your book recommendations on the page, but all previous recommendations will soon be removed.

So, without further ado, here's a quick recap of January's Book Recommendations:

(You can click on the book titles and covers to find links to purchase as well!)

The Wild Boy by A.A. Williams (Author), Mariia Andrieieva (Illustrator)

Book Description: Ages: 5-12​ While playing in his garden, Wilder meets a whimsical Woggledorf named Wimpelton. Wilder and his pup Winfrey join Wimpelton on an adventure to a mysterious land. On their adventure, they face many trials where they learn about friendship and the importance of taking care of the world around them.

Why I like this book: This adventure story was very enjoyable and meaningful, full of wisdom and important lessons and messages for readers young and old. I love the descriptions and the little details. The author has a gift for writing and writes so beautifully. It reminds me of some popular classic children's stories in the way it is written. It is humorous at times too with the use of word play and repetition. Overall it's a wonderful story and one children and adults will enjoy.


But i don't want to say GOODBYE! (A Child's Journey Through Grief) by Ta'Shay Mason (Author), Tanya Colton-Cauley (Illustrator)

Book Description: Ages 8-12​ 'But i don’t want to say GOODBYE!' is a perfect book to help any family experiencing grief and also for young readers who might need help in understanding someone else who is going through a loss. The death of a loved one is never easy to understand, let alone speak about. But for a little girl whose father has just died, the hardest thing is figuring out how to say goodbye. As Mommy makes funeral arrangements and tries to figure out the best way to say goodbye to a man who was loved by many, the little girl must find her own way to come to peace with her father’s death. As the funeral gets closer, will she find a way to say goodbye?

Why I like this book:​ It's not easy to say goodbye to your beloved father and it's hard explaining death to a child. This book is a great way to start difficult conversations about death and loss and how to cope with your feelings and emotions of grief. There aren't many books like this. As someone who has lost a father, I can relate to this little girl, even though I was an adult when I lost my dad. I like the way it explains the events following the death of a loved one, like cremation, funeral and even creating a reef ball to memorialize them. The book is easy to read and understand and provides a great tool for parents and teachers who may need to talk to their kids about death and loss.


The Biggest Winner by Luci Neves (Author, Illustrator)

Book description: Ages: 2 to 7 Do you have what it takes to be a WINNER? This small girl is determined to win the big race. She works hard to get ready, and the BELIEVERS cheer her on the whole way! But the DOUBTERS are not so sure she can win. Who will she listen to? Will she win the big race? Does she have what it takes to be a real WINNER? Why I like this book: What a beautiful book with an important message for all kids to remember what it means to be a winner. Everything is so competitive these days and it's easy to forget how to be kind, loving and caring towards others who are in need or need help. This little girl has a big heart and even though she wanted to win, she chose to help someone else instead. A really wonderful book! The illustrations are also very beautiful and adorable! Luci is a very talented author and illustrator! I look forward to more books from her!


A Pocket Full of Colours by Joe Starling (Author, Illustrator),

Book Description: Ages: 4-10​ A Pocket Full of Colours is a story about a quiet young boy called Sam, who struggles to manage his emotions, which are actually colourful creatures living in the navy blue pocket of his t-shirt. As we experience a day with Sam, we get to know, love and relate to him. One of the greatest problems for Sam is his irritating younger sister Tilly, who is his complete opposite. Sam's different emotions come out as small, brightly coloured creatures who pop out of his top pocket and express how they feel in dramatic ways. Throughout the story, we learn a range of coping strategies that Sam uses in order to calm each creature and help them return to his pocket. ​ Why I like this book: A Pocket Full of Colours is a very special children's boo